Saturday, August 13, 2016

Farm and Field

This 6 x 6 oil on panel is one of a number of paintings from a
recent trip to Whidbey Island. It is available on the Daily 
Paintworks auction. Click the link below to bid in the auction!


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Grandma's Teacup

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I will be focusing on small still life paintings this month, while
also working on several larger pieces for upcoming shows.  This 
6 x 6 is called, "Grandma's Teacup" and is available on Daily
Paintworks . Click above to bid in the auction. 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Los Gatos Plein Air 2016

Here is a recap of my recent week in Los Gatos at the 2016 Los Gatos Plein Air event.
This was a juried event with 35 artists selected from all over the U.S. to take part in a week of plein air painting. The event is hosted by the Los Gatos Morning Rotary Club and is known as one of the best. They go the extra mile to take care of the artists and make them as comfortable as possible. They even provide housing to those who need it.


After checking in on Tuesday morning, I made my way to Vasona Park. It is right in town and has a beautiful lake and many trees. I found this pier which had great lighting, and quickly set up my gear and started painting. I decided to go with a 9 x 12 for my first painting of the day. I was about half way into my painting when about 30 kids showed up with fishing poles and proceeded to cover the pier to fish. I soon discovered that they were part of a fishing camp! Fortunately my painting was pretty well blocked in and I was able to complete it. I have to say that I did enjoy the interest of the kids who came up close to see the painting and ask questions like, "How do you know what colors to mix?".
Vasona Pier 9 x 12 oil on linen panel
After lunch I went to Hakone Gardens. I looked around and found a quiet place where I would 
not  be blocking any pathway and a beautiful coral pink colored flowering plant caught my eye.
I situated myself right in front of a shaded gazebo and didn't even need my umbrella.
There were quite a bit of plants and trees surrounding my focal point and after one failed attempt at designing my composition, I realized that I needed to simplify in order to make my focal point "the star" I started again, this time beginning with my "star" and then building the rest of the painting around it. I liked the result as it retained a fresh loose quality.
Hakone Garden Path 11 x 14 oil on linen panel


Since this was the only day with no other commitments or obligations I decided to spend the whole day in the Santa Cruz area. It was a little cool and windy in the morning, but there was no fog and plenty of sunshine. I decided to check out Wilder Ranch State Park. I chose this historic Victorian house as my subject and was pretty sheltered from the wind. I think I struggled the most with this painting. I spent more time than I had planned just getting the house sketched in and then also stuggled with the color relationship between shadow and light. I had to rework some of the color a little later that day.
Wilder Ranch Victorian 
11 x 14 oil on linen panel

Later that afternoon I decided to try Davenport. Again, it was quite windy but the view that I liked best was also blocked from the wind and I was able to set up my umbrella. I decided to paint a 12 x 16 .
"Davenport View" 12 x 16 oil on linen panel

We all painted in town on Thursday morning. I set up on the street in front of the Beckwith building.
We had from 8 a.m. until 11:30 to paint. After that we were treated to a delicious lunch by the Rotary club in the home of one of the members. It was conveniently located within walking distance from downtown.
"Beckwith Block" 11 x 14 oil on linen panel

That afternoon I wanted to check out Cooper Garrod Winery and Stables. I was looking for a vista and found the owner who was nice enough to let me drive right up to a spot for an incredible view. The only problem was that he told me they locked the gates at 4:30 so I had about an hour and a half to paint Cooper Garrod Vista. 
"Cooper Garrod Vista" 8 x 16 oil on panel

DAY 4 

On Friday I drove out to Morgan Hill after talking to one of the other artists who had previously painted a barn in that area. I'm not sure if I found the same barn, but I was pleased with the one that I painted and especially when a group of black cows walked down the slope of the hill and posed in perfect formation for my painting. This was the favorite on Saturday sold to a collector who was looking for a piece representing the golden hills of California.
"Paradise Valley" 12 x 16 oil on linen panel. 

All in all it was a great experience. I hope to have the opportunity to participate again. The Rotary Club and the other artists were a pleasure to meet and interact with and there are so many great locations to paint in the Los Gatos area. There just wasn't enough time to visit all of them, but I was happy with the variety that was represented in my work for the week.

You Know You Want Me

                                        I saw quite a few of these Vespa's in different colors   
                                        while driving through San Francisco. This one caught
                                        my eye because of the luscious pink color. In painting
                                        this, I kept my mind focused on shapes instead of 
                                        thinking about the objects that I was actually painting.
                                        Like pieces of a puzzle, each shape begins to fall into
                                        place until a recognizable image is formed. Painting this 
                                        way frees my mind from the thought that some objects
                                        are difficult to render. A rhythm is developed as one
                                        shape is layed down in relationship to the next.
                                        This 6 x 6 oil on panel is available on the Daily Paintworks
                                        Auction. Click on link above to bid.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Cactus Bloom

This 6 x 6 oil on panel was painted from life in my studio. The 
cactus just bloomed last night so I wanted to paint it while it still
had flowers. It is available on the Daily Paintworks auction. The link
is above. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

China Cove, Point Lobos

China Cove, Point Lobos
9 x 12 oil on linen

This painting was donated to Willaim Jessup University for their
Spring concert and silent auction.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Summer Days

Summer Days
6 x 6 oil on panel
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I really don't paint figures very often which is surprising because
I spent many years drawing them as a child. Figures were my favorite
subject. I really wanted to paint this in a high key and it was more of
an experiment than anything else. I enjoyed the experience and look 
forward to painting more figures in the future.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Empire Mine Study

Empire Mine Study 6 x 8 oil on panel

This is a study for a larger painting of Empire Mine in Grass Valley,
California. It is the site of one of the largest and richest gold mines in
California. Buy with PayPal

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Aqua Blue Beauty

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"Aqua Blue Beauty" 6 x 6 oil on panel

I painted this from a photo taken on a drive along the coast. It was
a unusually clear day and the water was quite a beautiful blue color.
This is available on the Daily Paintworks auction.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Let's Get Away

Let's Get Away 6 x 6 oil on panel

Cavallo Point once an army post known as Ft. Baker, is located 
in Sausalito, CA. With views of the San Francisco skyline, it is now a
luxury hotel. Guests can choose between historic or modern lodging.
We chose historic! I love painting architecture. It's kind of like fitting
pieces of a puzzle together. I don't trace the image on my surface, but
start with a few markings to establish the placement of some of the key 
elements, such as the peaks of the roof. From there, using my brush as
a tool, I hold it up at the same angle as I see in my subject and then 
replicate that angle on my painting. If I am careful and patient, I find
that it comes together in a fairly believable representation. This 
painting is available on the Daily Paintworks auction.

Monday, February 1, 2016


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"Awakening" 6 x 6 oil on panel

I love the look of sunflowers in their natural setting. The light has
a wonderful effect on both the flowers and the background leaves
and stems. I like the feeling of being outdoors in a garden as opposed to 
inside in a vase. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Pike Place Market Flowers

Pike Place Market Flowers 8 x 8 oil on panel

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I painted this scene about a year ago but wasn't completely happy with
it. I always intended to paint it again. Well, I finally did it and it is
now listed on the Daily Paintworks auction.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Make Mine Yellow

"Make Mine Yellow"
6 x 6 oil on panel

I've been concentrating on painting flowers lately. The first 
time I painted this I got a little lost in all of the layers of petals.
I decided to wipe it out because it ended up looking overworked.
A few days later I made another attempt. This time I tried to be
patient and  focus on the shapes instead of "petals". I am much 
happier with the result. Click on the link above if you would like 
bid on this painting.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Don't Be Shy

Don't Be Shy 6 x 6 oil on panel
I have just listed this in the auction at

I visited some farms last year while on a trip to the state of Washington. This is one of the 
many beautiful sunflowers that were set against the backdrop of a deep blue sky. I loved the way
it was peeking out from behind the leaf.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Point Lobos Reflections

Point Lobos Reflections 11 x 14 oil on linen panel

There is so much inspiration for painting along the California coast.
This is a scene from the Pt. Lobos State Reserve. The sunlit rocks and contrasting 
shadows  helped to create a strong composition while the rhythmic design of the trees
adds movement throughout the painting.